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Oil, Lubricants and Chemicals

Mowpart knows about engine oil, chemicals, and lubricants and has oil Lucas, oil & grease, engine lube, engine degreaser (engine de greaser), and many more oils, lubes & greases to keep your equipment in top running order. We carry a complete line of Lucas Lube, Lucas Fuel additive and Lucas Oil additive. For engine oil, use Lucas oils like Lucas engine oil or Lucas synthetic oil. For your fuel system use Lucas Fuel Cleaner, Lucas Oil Stabilizer, and Lucas Fuel Treatment. Mowpart also has gasket lube, Lucas grease, Liquid Wrench, WD-40 (WD40), liquid grease, GUNK products, Stabil products, epo grease, 00 grease (OO grease), plus many more oil, lubricants, and chemicals! Browse our selection to find what you need and get Flat rate shipping starting at $7.95, most orders ship same day!