Used Lawn Mower Price Guides

Price Guide for Used Lawn Mowers:

Thank you for using our used lawn mower price guide. Please use this guide as a reference only. All prices are an estimate only. Please consider us for you lawn mower parts needs!

Excellent: Very few scratches/New Paint, No dents, Discharge chute looks new, Seat looks new, Tires look new, Starts and mows like new. Unit is less than 2 years old.
Good: Has cosmetic scratches/dents & faded paint, has few welded repairs, discharge chute worn but operable, seat faded/small tears or seam damage, tires worn but do not leak, Starts and mows good. Unit is less than 4 years old.
Fair: Needs paint and dent repair/ needs weld repairs, chute missing or inoperable, seat has large tears/needs replacing, tires plugged/leak, Starts and mows fair. Unit is over 4 years old.