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Fluid Film

How do you prevent rust, stop corrosion and lubricate all at the same time? The answer is Fluid Film. Fluid Film is a worldwide leader in providing powerful protection against corrosion and rust for all metals while also rendering remarkable lubrication for all moving parts. Invented for protecting Naval vessels during World War II, the all-natural lanolin-based Fluid Film is perfect for preventing car rust, corrosion control, and lubricating hedge trimmer blades. It penetrates deep and lubricates, thereby preventing rusting and corrosion. Fluid Film has limitless applications. Some examples include:

Farm Machinery: Use Fluid Film on the farm to protect battery terminals, undercoatings of farm equipment, and chains.

Automotive: Fluid Film is great for cars and trucks. Use it to keep battery and electrical terminals corrosion free, shine chrome, and protect vehicle underbodies.

Aircraft: All branches of the US Military have written specifications using Fluid Film on anything from naval vessels to flight control pushrods, magnesium parts, and numerous airplane and helicopter applications.

Boating: People in the boating community use it on boat trailers, electronic connections, and preventing salt corrosion on fishing gear.

Heavy Marine: The heavy marine industry has a long history of using Fluid Film to protect from the harshest marine environments including protecting wire rope cables, inside rudders, and void tanks to name a few.

Home: Use Fluid Film at home on your bicycle or motorcycle chain, garage door runners, hinges, and tools. You can also keep door locks from freezing shut.

Lawn and Garden: Fluid Film has numerous uses for all Lawn and Garden equipment. Common uses are to lubricate and protect the blades on hedge clippers and trimmers and keep your mowers and equipment free from rust.

With it's countless uses and unprecedented versatility, it's no wonder Fluid Film is the leader in rust prevention, corrosion control, and lubricating parts that move. Stock up on Fluid Film today and take advantage of our Flat rate shipping starting at $7.95, most orders ship same day!

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